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Physical Exams in Alameda, CA

Urgent Care Center of Alameda Offers Sports, Immigration, DMV/DOT & Pre/Post Employment Physicals. We Are Conveniently Located at 2421 Encinal Ave., Suite A, Alameda, CA 94501. For More Information or to Schedule an Appointment Call Us Today at (510) 241-4043.

Physical Exams in Alameda, CA

You may not realize it, but having to get a physical from a doctor is more common than you might think. If you start a new job, a new school, go to a camp, or start a new sport, chances are you will need a physical. While these thorough medical exams are easy to complete, they can be challenging to schedule. Before the start of any school year or any sports season, many prime appointment slots get snatched up months in advance. This lack of availability often forces people to take a day off from work or rearrange their schedule to make an appointment. You now have a great alternative: The Urgent Care Center of Alameda! Our board-certified doctors are available five days a week to administer a physical for you. Simply call us today for more information!

Our physicians are also certified DOT Physical providers. A DOT Physical is a vital step in obtaining or renewing your Commercial Driver’s License. We have a state of the art lab on site that allows us to process the needed drug and alcohol screenings required by this physical. In most cases, these screenings and this physical can be completed in a single visit!

In addition to DOT Physicals, our doctors are also certified to provide immigration physicals. They have years of experience in dealing with the paperwork that is involved in this complicated process. Please bring all medical records, including immunization and chest rays, with you to our clinic. These records will expedite the process. Please note that previous immunizations must be documented to count towards the requirements in immigration forms. We carry all of the needed vaccines if any need to be brought up to date.

If you are a small business owner, safety is your number one concern. Ensure safety at your workplace with annual employee physicals and random drug testing. We’ll make sure that your workers are physically fit to fulfill their job duties. Work with us one on one to develop a physical that addresses your concerns. We can even screen potential hires with pre-employment physicals to make sure there are not any medical concerns that endanger your other employees.

Many parents in the Alameda, CA area have found our clinic to be very useful when they need a last-minute physical for their child. Don’t miss out on a day of school, camp, or a sports practice because you can’t get a physical completed from your regular pediatrician. Simply bring in the needed forms, and we’ll fill out everything after the exam.

Regardless of the reason you need a physical at our medical clinic, we will provide you with a full report before you leave. We can also forward the results of any physical or test to your primary care physician upon request.

The Urgent Care Center of Alameda is located at 2421 Encinal Ave., Suite A, Alameda, CA 94501. We are open Mon, Fri : 9AM – 5PM, Sat, Sun: Closed. Our urgent care center accepts most major insurances. Do you have additional questions about our physicals? Call our friendly staff today at 510-241-4043.

We look forward to serving you!